The Art of J-Beauty: Double Moisture

What is Double Moisture?

Using a moisturizer alone after cleansing is not as effective as we think. When skin is dry, or even just cleansed and patted dry, it’s not capable of fully absorbing the benefits of moisturizer. By using a liquid lotion (toner) first, skin is softened, deeply hydrated and prepped for moisturizer. The moisturizer actually locks this hydration in, while boosting skin with nutrients. 

Liquid Lotion (Toner)

The magic of Double Moisture begins with a skin-softening, ultra-hydrating liquid lotion (toner) applied with your hands or cotton. Its unique texture allows skin to quickly absorb in the hydration and benefits from other ingredients, such as ones that calm, soothe and provide antioxidant protection. Skin is now prepped and ready to receive maximum benefits from your moisturizer.



As the final step in the Japanese 4-step skincare ritual, moisturizers do some major heavy lifting to leave skin supple, bouncy and youthful looking. These multi-taskers add a second layer of hydration and lock it all in for the long haul. They’re packed with skin-loving nutrients to address multiple concerns for all skin types. 


Two's the Trick to Maximizing Your Moisturizer

Understanding your skin is a lifelong process. Using a liquid lotion before moisturizer will help your skin absorb everything it’s supposed to and allow it to hold onto the hydration longer. You’ll never “just moisturize” again.


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