Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA- your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror.

Here we will tell you the classic Japanese 4-step skin care routine that’s powerful enough to deliver the result, yet quick and efficient. We also mentioned products which suitable for all skin type.


1. Cleansing

Begin with an oil cleanse to immediately remove makeup and excess sebum oil.

2. Foaming wash


Remove sweat, toxins, pollutants and any other impurities that still remain on the face.

3. Toning


Lightweight hydrator that can be pressed into skin to balance and adjust the skin condition.  You can apply the toner with clean hands.

4. Moisturizing


Lastly, moisturizer to lock in moisture. It assists in preventing water loss through the outer layer of skin. They can also complement the naturally found protective oil and other building blocks within the skin, such as ceramides.


Then you are done!

Basically, Japanese skincare divided into two parts; double cleanse and double moisture. This 4-step routine gives you great skin over time and a moment of blissful wellness every single day!


By Bella Tokyo