What is Collagen?

You may already be a super fan of collagen as a topical skincare ingredient. This naturally occurring protein, abundant in young skin, keeps it springy and elastic. It is made up of a long chain of amino acids literally holding your body together, by keeping your skin and connective tissues flexible and providing cellular structure. Collagen, which makes up 70 percent of the protein in our skin, can also be found throughout the body in bones, blood vessels, and muscles.

But as you age, your body produces less and less of it. Free-radical damage from UV radiation and environmental impurities also contributes to collagen loss, leading to accelerated signs of aging like fine lines and dull, tired-looking skin.

DHC Science: Dipeptide-8 is born

Many topical collagen skincare products don’t absorb as well as you’d expect because their collagen molecules are too large to actually penetrate the skin’s top layer.

Here’s where DHC research scientists come in. Working in the labs in Japan, they found a way to micronize the collagen peptides into Dipeptide-8, a much smaller skin-firming collagen molecule. In an instant, your skin absorbs the collagen to maximize hydration, promote elasticity, fend off fine lines and protect from free-radical damage. 

DHC Super Collagen

You’ll find Dipeptide-8 in Super Collagen Mist, a booster toner mist with desert trehalose to lock in moisture; Super Collagen Supreme, a unique oil-serum with brightening alpha hydroxy acid; and Super Collagen Cream, a mid-weight cream supported by protective botanically sourced squalene and antioxidant olive oil and jojoba. 

Concentrated in Super Collagen Innovations, Dipeptide-8 represents the next step in the search for a smoother and brighter-looking complexion.